Presentation Slides


Class is coming to the end.. Do not forget to send me a copy of your presentation slides ya!! And as for the evaluation marks, watch out for it. I'll send a copy of the marks to you guys!!Thanks for all your cooperation all this while ;)


Dates for Short Talk

As according to Prof, it was decided that the day for short talk would be NEXT WEEK, 9 December 2009. The topic would be:

Experience or Good Grades: Which one does the Employer prefers?

More details on the short talk, you can refer to the Course Outline

Vote for the Topics that You want

Each of you has the chance to vote. You can only vote once and you will be given the opportunity to vote for ONE topic only (= Please decide as soon as possible.. The poll will be closed on Friday, 10 September, 2009 at 2.00 am (=


I suggest we do this talk after Hari Raya celebration.

The topic I suggest will be

1) Experience on Hari Raya or

2) Gender issues in education field

Besides , I’m Balik Kampung on 17th (Thursday)

Ticket abis….huhuhu….

pick a theme or title

aloha fwens,
as prof ismail mentioned earlier, he told us to decide on the theme or title of teh topic presentation
therefore do think,decide n mail me yor opinion to me asap since i have to mail tht to biha so tht she can do poll for check this page for d voting!
thank u.

weekly task clashes

aloha fwens!firstly, i would like to wish selamat berpuasa too all muslim friends!gosh i miss my new zealand memories where i did fast wif my close fwen iza.i was fasting like little kid whereby too weak n want time to run fast so tht i can makan!

okey, here comes back d clashes topic.well, since week 8 we did not hav class, teo is doing her task in week 9 yet using d week 8 topic.therefore, week 9 n week 10 groups will b combining n doing theirs on week i correct??(prof abu bakar said so according to them).

im i shah alam nw enjoying my holidas in home sweet home n will back on tuesday!ill check back on the name list n reschedule d task for other weeks k????

apologize for the inconvenience

Week 9

As informed in the previous lesson, we will be having a short session of outdoor activities.
It isn't necessary for you to come with sports attire, we just require no baju kurung, no dress or skirts and no high heels only.
Please meet us at N24 ground floor after you put your bags and books in class.
Please don't forget to bring your valuable belongings with you.
We will start the outdoor activities at 9am sharp.

Please also be informed that you are required to watch the movie Madagascar Escape 2 Africa before attending the class.
Please take note on the name of the characters and their traits while watching.
Class conducted that day will be very much based on this movie.
Some corrections to be made here also: You DO NOT HAVE TO watch Shrek 1.

We hope we can provide you an interesting lesson.
We wish you have an enjoyable Merdeka weekend.

Regards from
Leaders of the week

Ahmad Nazri and Teo

Holiday: Week 8

I am announcing that there will be NO CLASS next Friday (28 Aug 2009) because most of the class members have to attend the Research Methodology Short Course..

So, enjoy your short holiday and dont forget the PortFolio as well (^__^)

-week 7-

hello there dear classmates...

unfortunately,this week is not the last week before semester break. i'm sure all of us are already aware of that. fortunately though, Ramadhan is just around the corner right? so let's tambah tambahkan pahala by giving this week's leaders your cooperation. yeah? anyways, the topic for tomorrow is "Communication, coaching and conflict skills". Please do some reading beforehand ya, so that we can share our opinions together tomorrow:-) hopefully, we will learn from you as much as you will learn from us.

sharing is caring....:-)

~week 6 activity~

who want the picture for week 6 activity..?? just save from here..

~WEEK 6~

hello friends!..class on this friday will go on as usual even tough there are some of us involve with the rehearsal for convo...however Prof Ismail allows those who want to go to the rehearsal..please do some preparation by reading journals or articles to have some ideas about our topic for this class which is CONTINGENCY OF will be divided into groups during class...hope u will give full co-operation during class...THANKS..


fwens, i did not get any reply on my earlier post.i wonder why.nvm,
here want to correct the weekly task whereby week 8,class as usual. and week 15,no leaders aite!

regarding the reflection

fwens, indra thinks that it is not reasonable for us to do the reflection as in group.this is bcoz reflection means personal.perhaps as Biha mentioned that since prof wants us to talk bout theories, n etc.why dont we touch little bout those as preferences bit. another reason is tht if we want to like paste all d notes,thn d reflection will b more thn 10 pages i guess can already b an assignment thn...any idea?????i need yor responses fwens.asap!!!


To all members’

Next week topic is about Influencing: Power, Politics, Networking, and Negotiation.

Perhaps all of you have motivation to reading first (sikit pon jadilah), for your own knowledge and preparation during our class. So, we can continue sharing new knowledge for the all time.

For a piece of paper that I give (the activity), perhaps all members’ can prepare early and give contribution for make it interesting. I give a clue (that activity like “THE Apprentice” TRUMP).

We’re not going make it real but nearly real. It’s just to see your idea, cooperation, to using power, politics, networking and negotiation and how to handle a kind of project to make successfully.

All of you in the group is a leader.

In conclusion, must prepare as well as for it.

Perhaps, all preparation is done.


1) Opening- Members’ presentation (will be democratic)

2) Lecture, Assessment and Learning Discussion (sharing knowledge and experience)

3) Closing – Class Activity (need all class members’ contribution to make it successfully)

If have any comment or suggestion, please do before 5 August 2009 (Wednesday).

Because Wednesday or Thursday going appointment with Prof. Abu Bakar.

Thank you for your cooperation and very sorry for my broken language.

Attention! Weekly Class Leader

It was decided that the weekly leaders will have to photostat their slides for the week and distribute them during class. So, take note leaders!!

As for the money for photostating the notes, that weekly leaders have to collect on their own too, to make it easier for them.

As for the class mmbers...
Bring extra money to class n bawak 'duit kecik' ok...

update version

hey fwens,
sowwy for all d like keep on updating new lists!i hope this can be d last do check yor mail aite!

hey guyz!we hav new member

hey fwens,just to inform ya, we hav anothr new member.his name is nnorazmi,email add is n his tel is num is ermmmm ask him aite!so do add him in yor contact list aite....

Week 4: Group Members

The Week 4 leaders have created groups for each of us. Do check it out at your dearly Mailbox for the name list ya!!

aloha fwens!

hey hi fwens,
if any idea or doubt do share here.well, regarding the new yahoo group opened.thanks to akmal!appreciate it yet personally im more comfortable using the e-mail n this blog.its like for me using many connections makes things go chaos.huhuhu...woooo im kinda bz wif much things too n i hope im trying to make everyone comfortable way im hurting anyone i hope.'cross fingers'but if still prefer using the yahoo group ,then i guess others contribution needed to active tht....xoxo

check this out!it might be useful

preparation for our class on Friday

Hey everybody… this coming Friday Dayana and Fatimah will be a leaders for our class. We will learn about.. “Leadership behavior and motivation”.

So, we will give you a set of test regarding this topic. And the mark will be recorded. Please be prepared by reading article, journal etc…

The topic will covered about :

1. Leadership Style
2. Motivation and the process
3. How leader behaviors motivate his/her followers

thank you, and we hope you all have fun!....


dont you think blog is not really suitable for education? there are lots of archive every month. and once someone post a new topic, there is no follow up for previous one. then, when the new month come, previous month topic will be neglected. what happen if each of us post a new topic? there will be 30 topics or more per day if everyone seriously involves in this blog. arent they a bit messy? i think, blog is suitable for chronological activities or events. each blogger just follow up the topic chronologically. but for education purpose, each topic is assume important n has different objective n need different discussion. sorry for all these. i just write out my thought. thanx for reading....



I figured out that I cannot post the notes here. So, I've passed the notes through email. Have your email checked ok ;)


The Boss drives his men,

The Leader inspires them..

The Boss depends on authority,

The Leader depends on goodwill..

The Boss evokes fear,

The Leader radiates love..

The Boss says "I",

The Leader says "We"..

The Boss shows who is wrong,

The Leader shows what is wrong..

The Boss knows how it is done,

The Leader knows how to do it..

The Boss demands respect,

Leader commands respect


Lately , it seems that there are certain group who are unhappy with the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English , especially when they protested today in front of the Istana and to give a memorandum to our King. For me , its fine as this is democracy , folks can have rally to protest and this is what is democracy all about. Police would be there as usual to protect people and to prevent them from going overboard. Not to forget that they too have to protect our King.

Anyway , what I think that is Maths and Science should be thought in English because it provides many benefits for the student. I am not against Bahasa Malaysia (the Malay language) and I do know that its our national language , but what I am saying that if we want to give our students the x-factor that they need when they want to say study aboard – then certainly maths and science in English would do the trick. Plus on top of that , we need folks who are well verse in both of the languages if you want to contribute something to the country. For instance , if our command of the language is poor in Science and Mathematical terms , it would be hard to negotiate a deal or work with foreign clients and so on. As for protecting the Bahasa or the Malay language , I am sure that we do have other ways – for instance History , Geography are thought in Malay. Not only that , basically you can’t forget Malay nor its status would ‘degrade’ as its stated in the constitution that Malay language is the official language

Secondly there are lots of reference books which are written in English then any other languages. This makes it students easier to refer whenever they want to find something. Its even possible to find YouTube videos on how to solve mathematical question and such. This makes it easier for them to gain knowledge and to understand more.


Maths & Science in English has more advantages then disadvantages

These are just some of the advantages of teaching maths and science in English. What I am suggesting to the government is that in order to satisfy these groups , Maths and Science should be thought in Malay – give it as a extra class for those who think that they want to gain this extra knowledge in Bahasa. It would satisfy both the parties. I’m not sure about you , but certainly I’ve benefited from learning Maths and Science in English. Otherwise , trust me I’ve heard horror stories from my lecturer that students do face the hard time when they are in Universities or in Colleges whereby medium of instruction is in English. These students get confused with the English term as keep in mind that they don’t know the terms in English.

Anyway , I’ll blog about this tomorrow after reading the papers tomorrow on what our ministers and the public say about this. My question is how far do you agree with my statement that Maths and Science in deed do have a lot of advantages and it would actually make it easier for Malaysia to be a developed country ?

How To Be A Leader At Work

Find out the key leadership behaviors that can be adopted by anyone who wants to have greater support from other people.

Most organizations have at least one person who is a natural leader. When it is announced she will be leading a new team, employees line up to join. When he asks for a volunteer for an assignment, people jump at the chance. Employees turn to her as a mentor, or look to him as a role model.

Meanwhile, others in the organization are struggling to do their job with too few human resources.

So how do natural leaders do it? What is their secret to getting people to go the extra mile for them?
Although many effective leaders are naturally charismatic, there are a number of leadership behaviors that can be adopted by anyone who wants to have greater support from other people. While some leadership techniques may sound manipulative, a wise leader knows the best results come from having people provide their support willingly.
"Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it." -U.S. President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower

People naturally want to follow a good leader

After meeting with an effective leader it is not unusual to feel uplifted, inspired and motivated to work towards a common goal. Effective leaders make others feel good about themselves as well as the work they are doing. The leader has a vision of what she wants to achieve and can communicate that vision to others in a way that makes people want to be part of it.

One thing a good leader typically does is to communicate the big picture, so that each employee can see how the particular role he plays makes a contribution to the final result.

In a recent study of employees at all levels in companies of all sizes, Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, authors of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em, found that "meaningful work, making a difference and a contribution" was one of the top three reasons given by 90% of employees when asked why they remain at a company. (The other reasons cited among the top three were "career growth, learning and development" and "exciting work and challenge.")

When someone understands why a job that might otherwise be considered menial is important, that person is likely to be both more committed and more productive.

Effective leaders are positive role models

People are also likely to follow leaders they see as positive role models. If a leader demonstrates a strong belief in something, it inspires others to work towards the leader's vision, even when a situation might appear to be almost hopeless. An excellent example of a leader who faced this type of situation is Lee Iacocca. When Chrysler's fortunes reached a low in the 1980s, he cut his salary to $1 per year to prove his conviction that things would get better. They did. Under his leadership, the company flourished.

Good leaders not only "walk the walk", they "talk the talk". When they speak about the future, they are positive and upbeat. Mark Victor Hansen, a successful motivational speaker and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, said that even in the early days of his career, if someone asked how he was doing he always responded that he was doing fabulously. His enthusiasm won him plenty of supporters who helped make his vision a reality.

Yet some people feel the way to get support from others is by telling them how grim a situation is, hoping that will make them want to help turn things around. On the contrary, Eeyores (those who sound like the gloomy Winnie the Pooh character) may inspire people to start looking for another job, rather than work to improve the situation they are in.

If you have a tendency to be negative, but want to inspire others to support you in achieving a goal, resolve to focus on solutions rather than problems. If Plan A isn't working, avoid bemoaning the situation and instead come up with a Plan B. If necessary, have Plan C waiting in the wings. Maintain a can-do attitude and you are likely to attract people who will support you in achieving your goals.

Leaders don't just communicate, they also motivate

As well as communicating their vision, good leaders know they need to communicate "what's in it for you" in order to have employees go the extra mile.

They also understand that different people are motivated by different things. For employees motivated by a need for achievement, a leader explains how the task offers an opportunity to take on a challenging but achievable goal. Those with a desire for power are told how their participation can bring them prestige and lead to greater opportunities. While employees who are motivated by affiliation need to hear how they will be part of a team of people working together.

Effective leaders also use techniques to communicate their belief that each team member is important, including remembering and using people's preferred names (e.g. not "Rick" if someone prefers to be called "Richard"). As Dale Carnegie observed, "the average person is more interested in his or her own name than in all the other names on earth put together." Keys to remembering names include paying attention when introduced to someone, mentally repeating the name and using it in conversation.

Good leaders will introduce employees by name first, rather than job title. They refer to employees as team members, associates, or colleagues - never as "subordinates" - and make no distinction between "essential" and "non-essential" staff or "professional" and "non-professional" staff. Words have power, including the power to make people feel whether or not they are important to the success of an organization.

Good leaders believe that every team member matters and foster an environment that makes everyone feel important. It is no wonder they attract all the support they need to help them achieve their goals.

Hi...UHF6033 colleagues...

Hi...What is the topic of discussion for the 2nd week?

Leadership Definition Key Elements

- Influence
- Organizational Objectives
- People
- Change
- Leaders-Followers

Leadership Articles

To write your portfolio, u might find these article useful (=

World Top Leaders

I found this on the Time Magazine where it listed the 20 top Leaders and Revolutionaries. Check it out!! Did you know any of them??

David Bon- Gurion (Never heard of this one)

Ho Chi-Minh (i thought its a name of a place in Myanmar or something??)

Winston Churchill

Mohandas Gandhi (ya..kill yourself if u didn't know him..)

Mikhail Gorbachev

Adolf Hitler
(nazi-related or someting like dat rite??)

Martin Luther King

Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini

V.I Lenin

Nelson Mandela (cOme on..frEedom for the Blacks!!)

Pope John Paul II

Ronald Reagen (is dat the US president?)

Eleanor Rossevelt

Teddy Rossevelt

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Sanger

Lech Walesa

Mao Zedong