Week 9

As informed in the previous lesson, we will be having a short session of outdoor activities.
It isn't necessary for you to come with sports attire, we just require no baju kurung, no dress or skirts and no high heels only.
Please meet us at N24 ground floor after you put your bags and books in class.
Please don't forget to bring your valuable belongings with you.
We will start the outdoor activities at 9am sharp.

Please also be informed that you are required to watch the movie Madagascar Escape 2 Africa before attending the class.
Please take note on the name of the characters and their traits while watching.
Class conducted that day will be very much based on this movie.
Some corrections to be made here also: You DO NOT HAVE TO watch Shrek 1.

We hope we can provide you an interesting lesson.
We wish you have an enjoyable Merdeka weekend.

Regards from
Leaders of the week

Ahmad Nazri and Teo
2 Responses
  1. indrea berry Says:

    i thought its week 9?am i correct?

  2. UHF6003-01 Says:

    yaa..its week 9.i posted it wrongly..hehe..