pick a theme or title

aloha fwens,
as prof ismail mentioned earlier, he told us to decide on the theme or title of teh topic presentation
therefore do think,decide n mail me yor opinion to me asap since i have to mail tht to biha so tht she can do poll for this.do check this page for d voting!
thank u.
8 Responses
  1. nore_azrena Says:

    is this 4 public speaking?

  2. aimi Says:

    i think the topic can relate about the experience as a leader (as a teacher, as a manager of program, as a adviser).. just the suggestion..

  3. indrea berry Says:

    nore,yeay its for d talk!

    aimi,be more specific,like a title...hehe.baru senang but pole lalin

  4. aimi Says:

    SUGGESTION : previous experience as a leader..

  5. lady d Says:

    agree.. experience as a leader

  6. indrea berry Says:

    hehe....!taken into account d!

  7. ilfi Says:

    I think...it's better for us to discuss regarding experience / good grade: Which one does the company prefer? Through my own experiences, the company prefers both experience and good grade...And,how about your opinion then...