Presentation Slides


Class is coming to the end.. Do not forget to send me a copy of your presentation slides ya!! And as for the evaluation marks, watch out for it. I'll send a copy of the marks to you guys!!Thanks for all your cooperation all this while ;)


Dates for Short Talk

As according to Prof, it was decided that the day for short talk would be NEXT WEEK, 9 December 2009. The topic would be:

Experience or Good Grades: Which one does the Employer prefers?

More details on the short talk, you can refer to the Course Outline

Vote for the Topics that You want

Each of you has the chance to vote. You can only vote once and you will be given the opportunity to vote for ONE topic only (= Please decide as soon as possible.. The poll will be closed on Friday, 10 September, 2009 at 2.00 am (=


I suggest we do this talk after Hari Raya celebration.

The topic I suggest will be

1) Experience on Hari Raya or

2) Gender issues in education field

Besides , I’m Balik Kampung on 17th (Thursday)

Ticket abis….huhuhu….

pick a theme or title

aloha fwens,
as prof ismail mentioned earlier, he told us to decide on the theme or title of teh topic presentation
therefore do think,decide n mail me yor opinion to me asap since i have to mail tht to biha so tht she can do poll for check this page for d voting!
thank u.

weekly task clashes

aloha fwens!firstly, i would like to wish selamat berpuasa too all muslim friends!gosh i miss my new zealand memories where i did fast wif my close fwen iza.i was fasting like little kid whereby too weak n want time to run fast so tht i can makan!

okey, here comes back d clashes topic.well, since week 8 we did not hav class, teo is doing her task in week 9 yet using d week 8 topic.therefore, week 9 n week 10 groups will b combining n doing theirs on week i correct??(prof abu bakar said so according to them).

im i shah alam nw enjoying my holidas in home sweet home n will back on tuesday!ill check back on the name list n reschedule d task for other weeks k????

apologize for the inconvenience

Week 9

As informed in the previous lesson, we will be having a short session of outdoor activities.
It isn't necessary for you to come with sports attire, we just require no baju kurung, no dress or skirts and no high heels only.
Please meet us at N24 ground floor after you put your bags and books in class.
Please don't forget to bring your valuable belongings with you.
We will start the outdoor activities at 9am sharp.

Please also be informed that you are required to watch the movie Madagascar Escape 2 Africa before attending the class.
Please take note on the name of the characters and their traits while watching.
Class conducted that day will be very much based on this movie.
Some corrections to be made here also: You DO NOT HAVE TO watch Shrek 1.

We hope we can provide you an interesting lesson.
We wish you have an enjoyable Merdeka weekend.

Regards from
Leaders of the week

Ahmad Nazri and Teo