weekly task clashes

aloha fwens!firstly, i would like to wish selamat berpuasa too all muslim friends!gosh i miss my new zealand memories where i did fast wif my close fwen iza.i was fasting like little kid whereby too weak n want time to run fast so tht i can makan!

okey, here comes back d clashes topic.well, since week 8 we did not hav class, teo is doing her task in week 9 yet using d week 8 topic.therefore, week 9 n week 10 groups will b combining n doing theirs on week 10.am i correct??(prof abu bakar said so according to them).

im i shah alam nw enjoying my holidas in home sweet home n will back on tuesday!ill check back on the name list n reschedule d task for other weeks k????

apologize for the inconvenience
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